For such needs:

"In this age of telework,
we want to introduce our
company's security practices
outside the company as well."

"We want to be able to
securely access our
company PCs from hotels
during business trips."

"We want to take measures
against supply chain attacks,
and to maintain the trust of our
business partners."

"I can't connect my work PC to my
home network!
I'll have to go to the office..."

Military-grade security

G SUIT < Gabriel Suit >:
A simple VPN with military-grade security.

Equipped with GABRIEL, a military-grade security
software used by US government agencies (ISAO, etc.)
G SUIT protects the network between your company
PCs and outside PCs simply, securely and at low cost.

Internationally-patented security technology

G SUIT has a big difference from conventional VPN devices.
That is its internationally-patented device authentication technology,
SDN (Secure Domain Name).
Since the system doesn't even use DNS, it cannot be seen
by attackers, and therefore cannot be targeted.

No assembly or complex setup procedures required

Simply connect the unit to your company router and to an outside router.
You don't need to set up a VPN server or to deal with other troublesome settings.

Safe connections

Direct (P2P) connections can be established between terminals after the advanced unique authentication process. Since G SUIT is unaffected by server downtimes that affect centralized VPNs, you also avoid dissatisfaction stemming from connection inabilities or other difficulties common in conventional VPNs.


The network between two G SUIT
nodes is protected with military-grade security.

01 - For telework that involves sensitive information

Easy to setup at home, on the go, or at business trip destinations. Connection security is the same as in the office, so you can telework with peace of mind, even when your work involves sensitive information.

02 - Also for IoT devices

G SUIT can also play an active role in security measures for IoT devices that are liable to leaking sensitive information, such as network cameras.

03 - For HQ-Branch networks/SMEs/SOHO

The head office is connected to branch and sales offices through a secure information network.

"Supply chain attacks” constitute a current security problem. These attacks are performed through business partners who have insufficient security measures in place. G SUIT prevents such infectious damage and allows you to maintain your trustworthiness.


Palm-sized and easy to carry

● Size (mm): (L) 92x(W) 67x(H) 28

● Weight: 165g

● Processor: 1.5GHz

● System memory: Parent Device 4GB / Child Device 2GB

● Ports: 2xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0

● Power supply: 5.1V 3A Type-C

※Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. There may be differences from the actual product.


Unit price / license fee

G SUIT consists of at least a set of two units: a Parent Device
(company side) and a Child Device (external PC side). Up to 20 Child
Devices can be connected to one Parent Device.

※Price includes tax. Furthermore, a separate initial setup fee is required.

Parent G SUIT Device

(Up to 20 Child Devices can be connected to one parent device)

Price of main unit +
first year license

License fee for the first year:
¥107,800 / year (1 device)

Continued usage fee from the second year onward:
¥66,000 / year (1 device)

Child G SUIT Device

Price of main unit +
first year license

License fee for the first year:
¥41,800 / year (1 device)

Continued usage fee from the second year onward:
¥22,000 / year (1 device)


User-specific setting
management function

License fee for the first year:
¥39,600 / year

Allows you to use a dedicated
management screen with easy setup.

Pricing example

Three employees teleworking

Parent device ¥107,800

Child device ¥125,400 (¥41,800 x 3)

First year total
Continued usage fee from the second year onward:


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