Are you really comfortable with merely handling the
broadcasting of lessons in your distance learning
There is a way for making effective learning possible:



Feature 1

One clip, many devices

Video clip broadcasts are adapted to PCs and smartphones. The diversity of user devices does not create any inconvenience.

Feature 2

Zero investment costs

Full contingency fee system without initial costs.

Feature 3

One-stop Solution

Process content uploads and operations, and handle course takers' questions. No need to build a customer support system from the ground up.

Feature 4

Study your way

Built-in bookmark system. You can continue your learning even when you go outside and have to swap your PC for your smartphone.



Supported content /
multi-device support

With Drill, you can upload text, video / audio files, and test explanation documents. The content uploaded to the system is distributed in accordance to the user's device.
The content doesn't need to be adapted separately to devices such as PCs and smartphones.

Video/audio lecture attendance

Video and audio files can be set to require viewing from beginning to end or not. Settings can be changed depending on the purpose of the course: for mandatory classes or certification workshops, you can require videos to be viewed in their entirety the first time around. For hobby courses, functions such as fast forwarding and rewinding can be enabled from the first viewing.

"Bookmark" function for video/audio files

"Bookmarks" can be placed where registered video or audio files are put on hold.
(Interruption function) By using this bookmark function, you can pause and resume your studying on the go when you are heading out and have to switch your PC at home for your smartphone.
With the bookmark function, you can easily study anytime, anywhere.

Activity example

Results and examples of use

Use cases
  • E-learning in medical fields
  • Tax accountant association-related legal training
  • Cabinet Office-related e-learning
  • Subcontractor training, telework training
    ※For training not covered by in-house security procedures
  • - Sharing know-how
    - On-site work, etc.
    - Cram school instructors tutoring schoolteachers on teaching methods by video
    - Giving product information, manuals, operation explanations, etc.
Application examples
  • Distance learning only (video/audio broadcast, text browsing)/preparation and review for studied materials
  • Combining group training and digital learning
  • Mandatory digital learning prior to group training. Review after group training
    ※E-learning courses can be made mandatory for being able to attend group training.
  • Sampling lessons or lectures through video recordings
  • Combining video (audio) attendance and review tests
  • Combining video attendance and surveys


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