About IP Dream

At IP Dream, our dream is to resolutely
challenge inconvenient or unreasonable
technological practices in society,
and to provide services for a new era.
Consistent innovation is the aim of our IT services.
For us, it's not about merely meeting the safety and speed standards of
a new era, but also the pursuit of that which will touch people.
This is because the phenomenon of "communication" that is
established between people lies at the core of our services.
Thus, we keep pursuing our dream of improving communication in
society through technologies that have an emotional connection with people.
IP Dream is an Emotional Communication Company.

Message from the CEO

"At IP Dream, a group of foolhardy
people have come together
to keep challenging the unreasonable, the inconvenient and the impossible, believing that they can change the accepted practices of the world."

President & CEO

Corporate Vision and Standards of Conduct

Corporate Vision

  1. Doing cutting-edge research with simple honesty.
  2. Always pursuing challenges and being unafraid of failure.
  3. Creating services that can be used by anyone and
    enriching people's lives with them.

Standards of Conduct

The employees of IP Dream Inc. remain conscious of our corporate vision and abide by the laws and morals of the society and the country. They execute their duties with sincerity and contribute to the development of this company.

グループコーポレート ブランド

 「最先端技術でクールに働く人、活動する人、生活する人の全てに優しいサービスを提供する企 業」


「折り紙」これはシンプルな紙が何にでも変化出来る柔軟性とそして組み合わせるという最先端技 術と誰でも折ることが出来るという意味で折り紙としております。




Executive Chairman
(Former Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation Senior Managing Director)


Executive Vice President
& COO (top business supervisor)


Vice President & Director

Board of Directors

- Outside Directors
・Fumiaki HIRATA (Audit and Supervisory Committee)
・Hiromasa FURUHATA (Audit and Supervisory Committee)
・Yuzou YOSHIKI (Audit and Supervisory Committee)
・Shigeru TAKEDA (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member & Certified Public Accountant)
・Motohiro KUROSAWA (Attorney, Certified Tax Accountant)
・Tsuyoshi TAKADA (Attorney)

- Advisors

Company History

IP Dream Inc.

3-9-14, Nishi shinagawa,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo,141-0033 Japan


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