• Today, internet users consume close to 60%* of their content on mobile devices. Therefore, having control over the environment where mobile content is consumed and shared presents major opportunities like increased user engagement and potential new revenue streams like paid content and advertising. Dream Mobile Content Delivery is a powerful mobile app for MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) vendors and media companies who want to offer their users a rich and compelling environment to consume, share and interact around content. Here are just a few features including:

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Benefits for Mobile Virtual Network Operators
Media Companies

  • Mobile Content Delivery

    Enable your audience share content with others in a beautiful mobile interface.

  • Social

    Allow users to engage with each other by showcasing their favorite content on profiles, “liking”, commenting and “following” content, or discovering related content

  • Real Time Communication

    Allow people to chat and engage around content via private chat and public chat rooms.

  • Engage and Monetize

    By becoming a destination for consumers to discover and promote content, the possibilities are endless on ways to monetize your customers.

  • Paid Content

    Deliver paid content to end users, and generate revenue from publishers and community organizers who want to promote their content in front of your audience.

  • Advertising Platform

    Serve rich multimedia advertisements in the Dream MCD environment thereby earning revenue from advertisers.

Flexible Deployment
Packaging Options for any Service Provider

  • Complete Branding Control

    We are laser focused on allowing you to leverage our technology to build your market and brand. You have the following flexible branding options:

    • White Label

      Launch services under your own brand name and domain

    • “Gooume” Branded

      Deploy as “Gooume” and benefit from IP Dream’s reputation

  • Flexible Deployment

    You may deploy the solution from our high availability cloud infrastructure or deploy from any third party data center of your choice anywhere in the world.

  • OEM

    Integrate components of Dream Mobile Content Delivery into your own technology stack. Have complete control over the end solution you want to deliver.

Enablement Services

We bring over 10 years of experience delivering and growing cloud technologies. We’re in your corner and aligned with your success through a wide range of enablement services.

  • Deployment Enablement

    We help service providers across the globe deploy on our cloud or any local data center of their choice

  • Localization

    Our products are architected for rapid localization into any language

  • Training

    IP Dream has developed a curriculum to equip service provider teams to implement, support and sell cloud solutions.

  • Billing and Provisioning

    IP Dream has its own billing and provisioning systems that can be customized for service providers’ needs or integrated with existing systems.

  • Sales and Marketing Enablement

    Benefit from our 10 years of experience selling cloud products. We have a proven expansive repository of templates, onboarding tools, whitepapers, training videos and other materials for the benefit of service providers.