• With the proliferation of IoT devices in our personal and business lives, massive volumes of data are being created as these devices collect information from their environment via an array of sensors. It is imperative that IoT companies find ways to analyze this information to make sense of the data, optimize their devices and deliver better services to their customers.

    Dream IoT Data Management System is a sensor agnostic Big Data system that can analyze and report on vast data sets collected from any type of IoT sensor. IoT vendors are now empowered to take their business to the next level.

Benefits for IoT Companies

  • IoT Insights

    Optimize your business, devices and services with in-depth big data analysis

  • Sensor Agnostic

    No matter what industry your device serves – energy, health, sports, water management – we can handle any response from any type of sensor

  • Smooth Data Extraction

    Extract specified data from big data smoothly

Flexible Deployment
Packaging Options

  • Complete Branding Control

    We are laser focused on allowing you to leverage our technology to build your market and brand. White label and deploy under your own brand.

  • Flexible Deployment

    You may deploy the solution from our high availability cloud infrastructure or deploy from any third party data center of your choice anywhere in the world.

  • OEM

    Integrate components of Dream IoT Data Management System into your own technology stack. Have complete control over the end solution you want to deliver.

Enablement Services

We bring over 10 years of experience delivering and growing cloud technologies. We’re in your corner and aligned with your success through a wide range of enablement services.

  • Deployment Enablement

    We help service providers across the globe deploy on our cloud or any local data center of their choice

  • Localization

    Our products are architected for rapid localization into any language

  • Training

    IP Dream has developed a curriculum to equip service provider teams to implement, support and sell cloud solutions.