• Dream Communication eliminates the barriers that exist between professionals and their broader network of customers, remote teams, and partners. Imagine a place you can manage the entire life-cycle of “working together” – ongoing conversations, sharing information, real-time meetings, or anything else.

    With its “connector” technology, Dream Communication also works with applications professionals already use, allowing them to pull information from their favorite applications into their conversations including Google Apps, Office 365, DropBox etc.


  • Multiple Communication Modes

    Whether it is group or 1-on-1 chat, mobile messaging, video or audio, escalate your conversation to the exact channel that suits your purpose

  • Share any type of information

    Work together on documents, share notes, assign tasks, or coordinate schedules – without ever leaving Dream Communication

  • Communication on-the-go

    Powerful mobile apps for iOS and Android give users access to full capabilities including video/web conferencing, IM, notifications etc.

  • Works with your favorite application

    Share information from any popular system like Exchange, Google Apps, Dropbox, SalesForce and more.

  • Connector Engine

    All third party connectors are based on an extensible connector framework which quickly allows for new integrations undertaken by us, or by service providers themselves.

  • Sync with your applications

    Go beyond merely accessing information from your applications. Keep information in live sync with systems like Google Apps, Exchange etc.

Flexible Options for any Service Provider

  • Complete Branding Control

    We are laser focused on allowing you to leverage our technology to build your market and brand. You have the following flexible branding options:

    • White Label

      Launch services under your own brand name and domain

  • Flexible Deployment

    You may deploy the solution from our high availability cloud infrastructure or deploy through any third party data center of your choice anywhere in the world.

  • OEM

    Integrate components of Dream Communication into your own technology stack. Have complete control over the end solution you want to deliver.

  • Build your own UI

    Leverage our open APIs and backend services and build a completely customized UI on top to meet the requirements of your users

Amongst IP Dream’s strengths are its innovative communication and collaboration technologies geared for service providers

Markets and Markets Report

Enablement Services

We bring over 10 years of experience delivering and growing cloud technologies. We’re in your corner and aligned with your success through a wide range of enablement services.

  • Deployment Enablement

    We help service providers across the globe deploy on our cloud or any local data center of their choice

  • Localization

    Our products are architected for rapid localization into any language

  • Training

    IP Dream has developed a curriculum to equip service provider teams to implement, support and sell cloud solutions.

  • Billing and Provisioning

    IP Dream has its own billing and provisioning systems that can be customized for service providers’ needs or integrated with existing systems.