March 13, 2015

Jiro Shimoyama – President & CEO IP Dream Inc.

The Impossible Dream’s mission is to develop and provide innovative communication services through our cloud services in an easy, safe and sound manner. We deliver cloud services to our customers using ICT that is cost effective and improves security and safety, having a motto of transforming people’s life in the 21st Century and endeavoring to make it richer and more comfortable. As we conduct our business activities, we believe that it is our social accountability to manage personal data properly, and do the following to fulfill this obligation.

1. Possession of Personal Data, Use and Supply

We obtain, use and supply the personal data of individuals, as well as that of our employees, that we handle in in the normal course of our business activities, appropriately, and will not use it for anything beyond the range of our specifically stated purposes. In case we need to use it beyond that range, we shall obtain the concerned individuals’ express consent.

2. Personal data laws, Guidelines, and Standards

We comply the personal data protection laws, guidelines and other standards applicable in Japan.

3. Personal data security

We take rational measures to prevent unauthorized access, information leakage, loss, destruction, tampering, and impairment of personal data.

4. Complaints and consultations related to personal data.

We deal with any complaints or consultation regarding personal data immediately.

5. Approach to Data Protection (Personal Data Protection Management System)

We regularly review and improve our systems in order to protect personal data.

Handling of Personal Data

1. Purpose of the use of personal data

We intend to use our customers’ provided (registered) personal data for the purposes specified below.

  • To charge the usage fee, based on the acceptable use policy and price of our services.
  • To notify the application and withdrawal of our services, and to confirm and change of the registered personal data.
  • To respond to the enquiries regarding our company or services that we provide.
  • To inform customers with any fault information, maintenance information, technical support information, new services and functional improvement information of the services that we provide.
  • To use as reference material collected as statistics, within the range not specified as any individuals, based on the registered personal data, in order to develop more useful services.
  • To manage the users of our services.
  • To consign a third party to conduct a part of the necessary operation in order to provide our services.
  • To contact our customers for confirmation of personal data.
  • To contact our customers in order to obtain their consent of the usage for the purposes other than specified.

2. For any enquiries regarding our policy of protection of personal data, or notification of purpose of use, release, correction, elimination, and cancellation of use, suspension of release to third parties or any complaint on regarding handling of personal data, please contact us.

Policy regarding elimination of anti-social forces and groups