IP Dream Inc.

Jiro Shimoyama, President & CEO

Policy regarding the Elimination of Anti-social Forces and Groups

Main Policy

We are opposed to any anti-social force and groups which are a threat the public order and safety.

  • In the interests of public order, we eliminate any connection with any anti-social force or group (Sokaiya(*), Organized Crime Groups) that inspire fear in public order and safety, and are determined not to engage in any business trading with any cooperation or group which have a connection with these organizations whatsoever.
  • In regard to connections with anti-social forces or groups, we are constantly on high alert with a risk management consciousness. As a business practice, we are adamant not to give them any unguarded moment having the basic rule of “No money”, “No use”, “No fear”, and endeavor to act at all times with common sense and a sense of justice with a basic knowledge of laws.
  • In case any anti-social forces or groups intervene, we will deal with the situation under the rapid contact system linking us with the police force and lawyers to establish facts adequately and systematically to tackle the problem, and subsequently take necessary action to prevent any undesirable situation from occurring.

We promise that every member of our management team and workforce shall prevent any from trouble from occurring in advance by being in close communication with customers, preventing scandals, and complying with all regulations concerning the subject matter.

(*) Sokaiya: A racketeer who extorts money from companies by threatening to cause trouble at the general stockholder meeting.