Why IP Dream?

Rather than offering “me too” solutions, IP Dream enables Service Providers with innovative technologies to truly differentiate yourselves in the cloud market and grow your market share. Let’ s win together.

  • Go with experience

    IP Dream has been a recognized leader in the cloud market for more than ten years. We have a deep understanding of the intricacies of developing and growing cloud businesses. We’re battle tested and in your corner to set you up for success.

  • We already operate in your market

    With operations across the Americas, Europe, Asia, MENA and Australia, we’ve likely already learned where the opportunities are, and how to overcome obstacles to develop customized solutions tuned to the needs of your market.

  • Increase ARPU with market leading margins

    Reverse downtrends in ARPU by entering high growth cloud markets. While Google and Microsoft offer margins of 6-12%, our service provider partners can earn up to 50% margins on IP Dream products.

  • Invest in your own brand

    Rather than partnering with and investing in a third party brand, service providers can use IP Dream’s white label technology to build your own brand.

  • Enables you rather than competing with you

    IP Dream enables service providers to offer white labeled & high margin cloud solutions without ever competing for the same customers. Other vendors dictate their terms, offer poor margins and often directly compete with their own service provider partners.

  • Choose a deployment option that aligns with your strategy

    IP Dream’s modular architecture allows you to deploy a product mix in-line with your strategy – in our cloud, your own cloud or a third party cloud infrastructure.

  • Control pricing and packaging.

    Choose the price and feature bundle best suited for your market.

Dream Team was a complete package for us, from flexibility in deployment and packaging, to the strength of their technology, to the excellence of their team.

Sunil Patel

Product Manager, Tata Teleservices