Message from the CEO

Based on our slogan “Always target the global market”, IP Dream Inc. aims to offer the IT services demanded in the global market to continuously help information workers achieve greater heights.

We have a truly global vision and footprint. Our broad range of services and technologies are architected to be modular and flexible to meet the specific demands of each market with custom solutions. We aim to service these markets through service providers with an established network and a deep understanding of local requirements. We empower them through the entire process from research and development to technology or service delivery.

As the pace of business increases, technology is a key determinant of success these days today, both in developed and developing economies. There is an increasing demand for out-of-the-box, easy to understand, and highly effective IT services, so that organizations can focus on their core strengths.

We have been delivering services across continents in Japan, United States, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Brazil etc. We also have a growing sphere in the East Asian markets including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, and we are poised to enter additional South American markets such as Mexico. Currently, we are considering the market deployment in the Central Asian and African markets in cooperation with local partners. These markets are expected to rapidly expand in the coming years.

As our global footprint continues to grow, we are constantly on the lookout for new partners and opportunities as IT markets around the world rapidly mature.

We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

Jiro Shimoyama

Corporate Philosophy
Behavior Standards

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Research cutting edge technologies persistently.
  2. Constantly challenge without fear of failure.
  3. Create services that can be used by everyone to enrich people’s lives.

Behavior Standards

IP Dream employees should always be aware of the corporate philosophy, adhere to laws, regulations and moral standards in their societies and countries, and fulfill their duties faithfully to contribute to the company’s development.

Corporate Brand

Our mission is to utilize cutting edge cloud and information technologies to help both organizations and individuals. Organizations, by improving efficiency of operations and harnessing the potential of their employees; and individuals, by helping improve their lives.

The Logo

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding aptly captures what we represent. In Origami, a simple sheet of paper can turn into the most exquisite designs. Similarly, our technologies are like modular building blocks, that can be brought together to address a vast variety of organizational & individual problems, in the simplest and most elegant manner.

The Company Name

“IP” stands for multiple things – “ImPossible” which reflects our aspirational culture where we aim for the highest and boldest goals. It also can also be read as “Internet Protocol”, which represents the industry we operate in. “Dream” reinforces our aspirational culture where everyone is encouraged to have a grand vision.

Management Team

  • Jiro Shimoyama

    President & CEO

  • Hironobu Tachibana

    Senior Executive Vice President & COO

  • Yoshiko Nakabayashi

    Executive Vice President

  • Farzin Arsanjani

    Vice President,
    President of HyperOffice

  • Hiroshi Arai

    Vice President

  • Directors as Members of Audit and Supervisory Committee
    Fumiaki Hirata
    Hiromasa Furuhata
    Yuzou Yoshiki
    Shigeru Takeda

    Sachio Nagamoto

Quick Facts

  • Company name:
  • IP Dream Inc. | Translated into Japanese: Mihatenu-Yume
  • Founded:
  • May 26,2004
  • Capital Stock:
  • JPY 596,550,008
  •  Headquarters:
  • Gotanda NN Bldg.8F, 2-12-19 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031, Japan
  • Employees:
  • 47 (Jan/01/2018) *Consolidated

Our Story

Founded in 2004, IP Dream Inc. is a leading provider of Cloud Information & Communications Technology (ICT). Our company was created with a passion and vision for unlocking the possibilities of human potential by empowering them to communicate and collaborate more effectively through our innovative products.

IP Dream has forged deep and long standing partnerships with some of the world’s most respected telecommunication and service providers through our commitment to developing enduring relationships with our partners.

Today, IP Dream operates through primary hubs Tokyo and metropolitan Washington DC to deliver communication and collaboration solutions through partnerships with telecom and service providers. IP Dream’s partners worldwide rely on IP Dream’s products and infrastructure to deliver mission critical applications to their business and consumer customers.

Rooted in Japan’s heritage of excellence, IP Dream aspires to become the pride of Japan’s high-tech sector, and establish Japan as a leader in the global software industry.

December 2017

Okinawa Creare Inc., a company providing “Intelligent Omni-Channel Translation” technology and services, targeting inbound tourists is now a wholly owned subsidiary of IP Dream.

September 2017

IP Dream Inc. participated in Tourism EXPO Japan 2017 by exhibiting “Intelligent Omni-Channel Translation” which translates multiple languages simultaneously.

June 2017

IP Dream headquarters has been relocated to Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

May 2017

IP Dream Inc. entered a strategic partnership with AI Holdings Corporation to strengthen our security camera businesses and promotion of IoT and AI.

May 2017

IP Dream Inc. and NOVA Holdings established a joint corporation named VOICE Inc. to provide virtual café services to teach English language.

March 2016

IP Dream Inc. and Tri-stage Inc. agreed to a partnership in the field of social commerce.

March 2016

IP Dream Inc. has started a joint business venture for a disaster prevention system service called “Pinpo-kun” in partnership with Ryoden Corporation and Koden Electronics Co., Ltd.

March 2016

IP Dream Inc. and Okinawa Creare Inc., an innovative media company, have entered into a business alliance.

February 2016

IP Dream Inc. and LEGiON, a digital marketing agency, have agreed on cooperation.

February 2016

IP Dream Inc. has completed development of a modern digital signage system representing the latest cloud enabled technologies. This service is planned to roll out in April 2016.

January 2016

In partnership with Opt Inc., IP Dream Inc. will start providing services utilizing super high definition 360-degree cameras from April 2016.

December 2015

IP Dream group, HyperOffice entered an agreement with Verizon, the largest mobile network carrier in United States to distribute “”.

December 2015

IP Dream Inc. and Power All Networks Ltd., a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group based in Taiwan, have agreed to form an alliance in the business of Cross-border Ecommerce platform. Under this agreement, we have acquired an exclusive right of the related businesses in Japan.

November 2015

R7, a large Brazilian conglomerate has entered into a licensing agreement with IP Dream Inc.

November 2015

IP Dream Inc. has started the preparation for the demonstration experiment of white spaces’ utilization in Okinawa prefecture which is scheduled to begin in February 2016.

September 2015

IP Dream Inc. and a Mexican MVNO, NEUS Mobile have entered into a strategic partnership.


 Global Headquarters:
Gotanda NN Bldg.8F, 2-12-19 Nishigotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031, Japan
+81-3-6426-7000 (Main phone)
+81.3.6426.7115 (English speaking)

Branch Offices
Wakayama, Japan
3-12-5 Takao, Tanabe city, Wakayama 646-0028, Japan

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