Enabling Service Providers with Cutting Edge Cloud Technologies

Today, it’s become imperative for service providers to stake their claim in the burgeoning cloud market. Traditional revenue streams are showing consistent downtrends, ARPU is shrinking, and OTT players have been gaining an ever larger share of the pie at the expense of service providers.

Growing market share requires the discipline and focus to play to your strengths while building partnerships that create breakout synergies. IP Dream enables service providers to leverage its proven cloud technologies to offer highly differentiated and branded solutions in high growth cloud markets. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve earned our stripes by delivering mission critical communication and collaborations business solutions in the cloud industry. Let us innovate and deliver rock-solid technologies allowing you to develop relationships and build a trusted brand in the cloud market. Together, we’ll deliver a powerful combination to help your customers keep pace with the demands of today’s fast-paced and mobile business environment.

Our name, “ The Impossible Dream” comes from the song of the same title in the movie “The Man of LaMancha.” Meaning, as humans, even in times of trouble where nothing seems possible, we should continue to work to fulfill our dreams and continuously search for the truth.

Jiro Shimoyama

Chairman and CEO, IP Dream

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